I've always wished that travel were a requirement and not a privelege. - Lisa Lindblad

The Willing Foot Experience

Willing Foot travelers are savvy, sophisticated and adventurous, looking for unique, interesting experiences.  For them, we have designed a wide range of itinerary modules, ranging from 1-8 days, that are real gems. Digging deep into our knowledge bank of destinations, and using the very same guides and drivers, friends and colleagues we have nurtured for more than a decade at Lisa Lindblad Travel Design, we have created these mini-itineraries as building blocks that can be linked together into a seamless, utterly personalized trip.
We’ve taken the stress out of your travel planning. These ready-to-go itineraries can be packed up and taken away with just a bit of final tweaking on our end; after consulting with you, we will combine the modules together in to what we feel is your perfect trip.  And then off you go.
So, for you, the wayfaring kind, the jetsetter, the adventurous or the wanderer, for you who seek culture, understanding and exclusivity, welcome to Willing Foot.

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