Chile: Chilean Altiplano – Swimmers in the Desert

Luxury camping amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Tilomonte Oasis within Chile’s Atacama Desert.



Upon arrival at Calama Airport in northern Chile this afternoon, you will be greeted at 3:00 pm before setting out on a 75-minute transfer through the beautiful lagoons and volcanoes of the Atacama Desert. You will break for a snack mid-journey, arriving at your luxury camp by 7:30 pm.

Adventur Camp offers the first luxury, nomad camp in South America, inspired by the glamorous expeditionary camps organized by European aristocracy in Africa and India in the early 20th century. This unique experience offers a rare insight into the fantastic landscapes and ancestral cultures in northern Chile. Located in the Tilomonte Oasis at approximately 120 kms south of San Pedro de Atacama Desert, this luxury camp, complete with all of the amenities the surroundings allow, awaits travelers after days filled with excitement. Accommodations consist of 10 spacious and comfortable Sibley tents, which are heated through solar panels and outfitted with natural elements. Activities are available for hiking, climbing, trekking and cycling enthusiasts, with varying untouched routes and locations. The daily menu includes the exquisite cuisine of a five-star hotel, incorporating the most succulent local flavors and accompanied by the finest Chilean wines.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by camp staff and invited to participate in a ritual ceremony (convido) with your Atacameños guides – the region’s original inhabitants. Following the ceremony, you will be shown to your tent, where you will have a chance to settle in before dinner.

Join your hosts around the campfire at 9:00 pm for a welcome cocktail followed by an exquisite meal, paired with the perfect Chilean wines. As dinner ends, join a local astronomer as he sets up his telescope for star gazing into the clearest skies on the planet.

The camp staff will depart after dinner but you are welcome to remain in the main tent stargazing and enjoying your wine.



A continental breakfast will be served at 9:00 am this morning. Today you have several activities from which to choose. AdventurCamp adheres to the philosophy of Slow Travel and the firm belief that the fast pace of the modern world does not allow us to truly appreciate our surroundings. The idea of a peaceful journey, with a sense of Romanticism and a connection to ancestral culture, goes hand-in-hand with a taste for unhurried experiences enjoyed to the fullest. There are a total of 50 journeys to choose from in this little-explored region of the Atacama Desert. Your hosts will accommodate your interests, tailoring an individual program for your stay.

You might explore the Crater Monturaqui Route by ATV, 4×4 or bicycle. The crater is 450 meters in diameter and is one of the most well-preserved of its kind in the world. From the top, you’ll take in a spectacular view of the Atacama salt flat and the Socompa and Llullaillaco Volcanoes. A five-star lunch will be served on location.

Alternatively, make the journey to the solitary Lejia Lagoon and the marvelous Tara salt flat at an altitude of 4,000 meters. The difficulty level and duration of the trek will be adjusted to suit your preferences. You will visit the village of Peine for a lunch of regional flavors and a chance to meet local residents. Peine is an Atacameno settlement of circular houses founded prior to the 12thcentury. The architecture is one of the most striking examples of the region’s ancient traditions and ways of life. Traditional building techniques make use of adobe and cactus wood. You will also have a chance to see the ruins of an Incan Tambo and a chapel built at the end of the 16th century.

At the end of your day’s chosen journey return to the camp in time for an evening cocktail by the fire and some leisure time before dinner.

Dinner will be served at 9:00 pm followed by local music into the evening.



Following a continental breakfast this morning, you will have another opportunity to choose one of several exciting excursions.

Consider the Tulan Ravine route to one of the most interesting archaeological sites in the area. First visit the ruins of an early semi-sedentary settlement dating to 1,500 BCE. Hunter-gatherer groups here were largely nomadic due to the region’s arid conditions. Camelid bone remains and lithic materials have been found throughout the site indicating that hunting activity once took place. There is also a ceremonial site that includes a rectangular niche where ritual libations are believed to have been carried out.

Another must-see is the wall of petroglyphs depicting many figures of llamas as well as diverse images of birds and felines. This route can be explored as a guided trek or mountain bike expedition.

This afternoon, return to the camp for an exquisite farewell lunch, after which you will have an opportunity to share any final thoughts with the staff and prepare for your departure.

Depart for Calama Airport at 3:00 pm, arriving by 5:00 pm for your return flight.

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