Module: WF-0068

Kumaon Village Walk

In 2000, the Himalayan region of Northern India’s Uttar Pradesh was given statehood, comprising what is today known as Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand is divided into two distinct regions—Garhwal to the west and Kumaon to the east. Garhwal is almost entirely covered in rugged peaks and narrow valleys, while Kumaon is a maze of mountains and dense forest, with Tibet to the north and Nepal to the east. Kumaon offers some of the most stunning mountain scenery in the world, from the perennially snowcapped peaks of the Great Himalaya Range to the pretty hill stations of Almora and Nainital in the foothills. This Himalayan village walk is designed to offer an authentic "underfoot" experience and provide a snapshot of daily life in the Himalayan mountains of Uttarakhand. The walks traverse the terraced foothills with overnight home stays in various villages where, as an honored guest, you will witness mountain life unembellished. Accommodation is basic, clean, and comfortable, and your hosts are incredibly accommodating and eager to share with you their way of life.

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