Module: WF-0069

Ladakh: A Village Walk

Located on the Tibetan plateau within India’s northernmost state, Ladakh is, at 11,500 feet, a high altitude desert known for its remote mountain beauty and culture. The isolation of this rugged region has allowed for a much different history than the rest of the country, and protected it from the ravages of the Chinese Cultural Revolution that transformed neighboring Tibet beyond recognition. Though Ladakh has long been on the map for backpackers who mostly stay in and around Leh, it remains off the radar of the adventurous luxury traveler. We have designed a "village house" experience that avoids the over-commercialization of Leh and takes you off the beaten path to three unspoiled villages of the Indus Valley. Designed to offer an authentic "underfoot" experience, this Himalayan village walk provides a snapshot of rural life in Ladakh.

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