Module: WF-0070

Sikkim: A Village Walk

Nestled in the heart of India’s Eastern Himalayan Range, Sikkim shares borders with Bhutan, Tibet, and Nepal. The landlocked state holds an environmental legacy of untouched, stunning, and diverse landscapes, and a unique culture under the looming presence of the world's third highest mountain, Kanchenjunga, at 28,169 feet. Dense with mountains, glaciers, high altitude lakes, hot springs, and clear rivers, Sikkim owes its extraordinary beauty to the mountains that form its topography and the rains that make it so lush and fertile. The purpose of the this Himalayan village walk is to facilitate an authentic "underfoot" experience and provide a snapshot of rural life in the Himalayan Mountains of Uttaranchal and Sikkim. The walks traverse the terraced foothills with overnight home stays in various villages where, as an honored guest, you will witness mountain life with no embellishment. Accommodation is basic, clean, and comfortable, and your hosts are incredibly accommodating and eager to share with you their way of life.

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