Travel Resources

Here is a collection of resources we’ve found helpful in planning our trips.

  • Blogs & Mags

    • Cornucopia: Turkey for Connoisseurs A magazine that does justice to the diversity, beauty and fascinating history of Turkey.
    • Hand Eye Magazine Connecting cultures via the hand’s creation, thereby inspiring action.
    • Monocle Editor, Tyler Brule’s, briefing on global affairs, business, culture and design.
    • Nowhere Magazine One of our favorite online magazines, a collection of unorthodox travel stories and illustrations
    • On The Road With Lisa Lindblad Follow Lisa Lindblad around the world as she writes about all her adventures and new destianations.
    • Passports with Purpose Wonderful travel blog that has articles relating to a multitude of different travel topics.
    • TED Blog The blog, the TED conference, the worldwide breakout groups, keep the conversation going.
    • The Longitude Blog Original. Authentic. Interesting people talking about travel books and places.
    • The World Effect A fun blog from a young couple determined to travel the world and make a difference.
    • Travel Blogger Good travel blog discussing timely travel issues you have been thinking about.
  • Essentials & Accessories

    • Knack Knack is a flexible gift registry that offers many unique options when trying to give or receive that perfect present, whether it be an amazing trip or a day at the spa.
    • Longitude Turn to Longitude whenever you travel! We draw on our network of travel partners, authors, friends and colleagues to bring you the best.
    • My Publisher So easy and satisfying! Take your photos and turn them into your own book.
    • whereRyou Want to share your amazing travel experiences with friends and fellow travelers more easily? Now you can! Come check out today!
  • Our Inspiration

    • Acumen Fund Because it underpins philanthropy with smart business to break the cycle of poverty.
    • barefoot college We believe in small, rural, grassroots, local, in travel as well as in economic, social and political development. Barefoot college’s solutions are devised, managed and owned at the village level.
    • H2O Africa Because clean water is not only essential for healthy living but also an essential human right.
    • Ikhaya Trust Because we offer great travel opportunities in the region and giving back is part of the deal.
    • Noma Restaurant Because Noma understands context – the time and place of ingredients – just as we strive to offer context in our travel designing.
  • Trip Support

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